Medical Division

Our New Medical Division which has Started its Operation commence from 2017 with the Name: JOOD INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL TRADING EST with the concept to start their move towards the business extending its vision towards the Hospital Industry in regards we involve with professional skills and all its resources to convert it and to get it utilize in the productivity of the Establishment as well as initiate with positive thoughts to overcome with the requirements of their precious clients. Providing them with the utmost satisfactory products and services to their business needs.

Covering the specialties by gradual expansion in different departments with their professional staff with their adequate skills. So far the group consist of different departments among which medical is also one of them.

Medical division is one of them, since it’s started its operation in the government sector mainly covering major part of the hospital industry in Saudi Arabia beside even respecting the clients in private sector as well.

The following are some of the specialties which we are covering with a plan to extend the range of services in future.

  • Patient Transfer Roll Board –Samarit (Swiss/Canada)
  • Roll board –Model:Hightec/ Professional/ Ecolite / H-Line